Countdown Downunder: Farm Guidelines for Mastitis Control

 حصريا  التهاب الضرع في الابقار والماشية الحلاب المرض ومراحله و التحكم فيه والعلاج والوقاية

 تحميل مباشر ميديا فاير بحجم صغير جدا

 Farm Guidelines for Mastitis Control book

 What is mastitis  

Mastitis terminology


1. Reduce exposure to environmental mastitis bacteria
2. Take care with two-year-old and freshly calved cows
3. Check that milk is suitable to go in the vat
4. Rapidly find, treat and record clinical cases in freshly
calved cows 5


5. Use good milking technique and a consistent routine
6. Monitor and maintain milking machine function
7. Use post-milking teat disinfection
8. Practise good hygiene during milking
9. Manage teat sores and cracks
10. Rapidly find, treat and record clinical cases
11. Monitor Bulk Milk Cell Counts
12. Use Individual Cow Cell Counts for management decisions
13. Seek professional advice if problems persist


14. Decide dry cow mastitis strategy – drying off dates
and Dry Cow Treatment
15. Cull persistently infected cows 58

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