Veterinary Helminthology and Entomology,3rd edition pdf

Veterinary Helminthology and Entomology

3rd edition

      كتاب الطفيليات والديدان والحشرات البيطرية
اطلس روعة شامل لكل الديدان والحشرات باحدث التصنيفات والاسماء وطرق التعرف عليها والوقاية والعلاج

Edition :3rd edition
Number of Pages : 451 pages
Size & Format : 27MB PDF


 I. General.
 II. Helminth parasites: 
 Phylum platyhelminthes Class turbellaria, Class Trematoda, Class Cestoda:
 a. Class trematoda order monogenea, order Aspidogastrea, Order Digenea.
 b. Class Gestoda.
phylum Nemathelminthes Class Nematoda, Class Nematomorpha, Class Acanthocephala a. Class Nematoda.
 b. Class Nematomorpha.
 c. Class Acanthocephala.
 Phylum Annelida: a. Class Hirudinea.

 III. Arthropod Parasites:   Phylum Arthropoda:
a. Class insecta. b. Class Arachnida
IV. Technique and diagnosis:.
 Collection and preservation of Helminths
.Collection and preservation of Arthropod parasites.
. Making of permanent preparations.
. Clinical diagnostic methods.
 Host parasite list. Bibliography. Alphabetical Index.

From the preface: "In the section on helminthology corrections have been made, or new matter has been added, wherever they were needed. The account of the strongyle nematodes of equines has been largely rewritten and there are additions to the section on filarioid nematodes and to those dealing with other helminth species.
The most extensive changes, however, are those made in the section on entomology. The general account of the Arthropoda and of the classification of this phylum are new and the account of the insecta has been rewritten. It is in this section particularly that the names of certain classes and orders have been altered to conform with modern terminology. In the preparation of the account of the lice the generic names given by Hopkins and Clay have been adopted. The section on fleas includes new figures supplied by Mr. F.G.A. M. Smit, of the British Museum, whose help in the preparation of this section is gratefully acknowledged. Throughout the section on insects and arachnids recent work on the use of the newer insecticides and Acaricides has been included, often in consultation with Dr. Monnig himself."

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