Course of Obstetrics, Assuit University

Course of Obstetrics
,Faculty of veterinary medicine,Assuit university


Prof. Dr. MahmoudAbdel-Mohsen Hussein El-Naggar
and staff of therigenolgy and obstetrics

table of contents
  1. physiology of pregnancy
  2. normal parturition in buffalo
  3. vaginal prolapse
  4. foetal deaths
  5. uterine torsion
  6. bovine dystocia
  7. uterine prolapse
  8. pregnancy wastage in cattle and buffaloes 

 table of contents practical part

  1. Caserian Section
  2. Obstetrical cases ...CS , Laparotomyfor uterine exp;oration ,dystocia
  3. Fetotmy
  4. Postpartum complications
  5. Fetal dystocia in cattle